Increasing your Whereness Awareness

Spatial Vision Group designs, develops and delivers Geographic Information Systems (GIS), business applications and simulation models to support the development, management, operations and maintenance of business and government infrastructure.


We understand the complexities of spatial information and offer a unique spectrum of geospatial information engineering and management services. We use proven planning, management and implementation techniques to deliver successful projects.


We are proud to serve clients from various levels of government (Municipal, Provincial and Federal) both nationally and internationally, as well as a number of private sector companies.

Selected Projects

We have executed projects for medium and large-sized organizations using GIS and/or Automated Mapping / Facilities Management (AM/FM) systems to manage and utilize spatial information to meet business needs.


Our team consists of two engineers who each have more than 30 years' experience with GIS, remote sensing technologies, business case development and emergency preparedness.

Celebrating Twenty Years

Spatial Vision Group has been providing expertise in GIS, simulation modelling, project management, and systems and chemical engineering since 1994. We are proud to have been in operation for twenty years!